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Well Water Filtration

Well water often means a lower quality of water and requires special attention when it comes to filtration.

YS Greene are the local experts you can rely on to ensure your well water is safe, clean and treated to suit the water we deal with daily in Yellow Springs and Greene County. Our whole-home filtration systems are customized to suit the size of your home and family,  and ensure everyone is using water they can trust.

Our whole-home water filters remove contaminants and sediment in your water, and when combined with a suitably matched water softening system you’ll be enjoying longer appliance life, less damage to your home’s pipes and fixtures, and improved shower and bathing water, and the peace of mind that your water is just how you want it.

Softener Repairs & Maintenance

Do you have a softener that isn’t performing? Have you noticed your salt level never changes? Maybe you’re just not getting the suds you used to from your soap. All of this means you probably have a softener that needs a little love!

Don’t fret, softeners are our specialty! We’ll get your softener back to peak performance in no time. We don’t gouge our customers when it comes to parts prices, and we only charge what’s fair for labor. We put our customers first and offer next level service!

We cater to customers in Yellow Springs, Beavercreek, Fairborn, Xenia and WPAFB surrounding areas. We offer a military and vet discounts too!

Iron Filter for Well Water

An Iron filter for well water is you primary choice for reducing rust and odor problems associated with well water supply. We offer a number or filtration systems for well water customers, as well as a multi-stage filtration system described below.

Homes with older well plumbing can often benefit from this type of filter, and almost certainly require it when any rust or foul smelling ‘sulpherous’ odors are present from the faucet. This is common in older homes with aging plumbing systems.

The unpleasant smells associated with rust problems are typically associated with the presence of Iron, Manganese and Hydrogen Sulfide.

Multi-Stage filtration

A multi-stage filtration system is a whole home filter that uses several smaller filters to remove sediment, odors and particulate matter from your water supply system.

Multi stage systems comprise of a combination of charcoal and sediment filters which are easily and affordably replaced. Carbon block filters remove chlorine, tastes, odors and VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Sediment filtration removes larger particles such as scale, silt, sand and debris.

At YS Greene we offer FREE ESTIMATES and no pushy sales tactics. We’ll identify the best water conditioning solution for you home and family’s water demands, and ensure you’re left with nothing other than perfect water and a bill that doesn’t bite!

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