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Water Softening Systems

Water softeners play an integral part in conditioning the quality of the water in your home. A home with hard water is likely to have appliances with a shorter life span and scale build up in the water lines. This can shorten the overall life of the entire plumbing system as corrosion sets in faster.

At YS Greene we offer water softener installations to suit all budgets, home sizes and family sizes. We offer systems that can easily handle the exceptionally hard water found in Greene County, delivering perfectly softened water to all rooms of the house (except the kitchen and outside faucets – these do not receive softened water).

We offer various types of softening solutions, and more information can be found on this page.

Do I need a softener?

In most areas of Greene County, a water softener is highly advised as there is very high dissolved mineral content. We encounter very few areas of Greene County that do not have hard water, however for peace of mind a simple test can be done with water hardness test strips that are available at most big box home improvement stores. We can also undertake these tests for you, just give us a call! Remember, estimates are always free at YS Greene, and as a small, local business you can rest assured we’re not in the habit of selling you stuff you don’t need!

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The basics of water softening

Water described as ‘hard’ has a high amount of dissolved calcium and magnesium within it. As it passes through rock, mineral deposits and soil the ground water dissolves these and holds on to them all the way through to your home.

What problems are caused by hard water?

Hard water can cause serious damage to everything in your home that uses water, causing costly breakdowns of boilers, water heaters, washing machines, faucets, toilets and of course, pipes!

A key indicator of hard water in your home is less effective soap – no suds usually means hard water.

When hard water is heated, the carbonates precipitate out of solution – this is how limescale is formed, hence it affects the hot water side of your plumbing system more than the cold. This scale builds on everything in the plumbing system, and is mostly made of calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate, magnesium carbonate and magnesium sulphate.

When you look at a cross section of old water supply lines, it’s often apparent that the bore of the pipe has narrowed significantly because of scale buildup on the inside pipe wall. This reduction in flow can be severely damaging, and can cause appliances to not get the amount of water they require to successfully operate – this is readily apparent in many of the washing machine supply lines we replace in Yellow Springs, Beavercreek, Xenia and across the greater Dayton Ohio area.

When you take a shower and the soap doesn’t give the luscious suds you expect, it’s usually because the soap is reacting to the mineral deposits in the water.

The Science of Softening


How water softening works

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